Hilti's new office was renovated into the top floors of Keilaranta 4 Business Park with marvellous views over Espoo and Helsinki.


This 850 m2 office has an industrial look as Hilti is the leading brand in professional construction industry tools, design and software. Much consideration was put into integration of the Hilti brand and products into the decor. 

This modern activity based office is divided up into different types of areas: silent work, call center, collaboration area and café/lounge. As all workstations are unnamed, workers to find the perfect spot for the kind of job they are doing at the moment.  

Photography by Hanna-Kaisa Pekkala


Rubik Business Park 



Rubik Business Park (Maistraatinportti 2) is located in the heart of Helsinki's hottest new commercial and residential area, Pasila. The 8-storey building (33 000 m2) was torn down to it's core and fully renovated to inhabit new office, health care and commercial tenants. JLL was in charge of the principal, architectural and interior design as well as leasing and visualization. The interior design duties included i.a. production of marketing material, tenant negotiations and layout fittings, material choices, FF&E, greenery, lighting and textiles.

Photography by Hannakaisa Pekkala

Renderings by JLL Finland, Visualization Team


Nordic Morning 


The new headquarters of Nordic Morning, a Scandinavian communications and publishing company, was opened in Kalasatama's Rantatie Business Park in Helsinki (Hermannin rantatie 8). Architectural design was done by SARC, contracting by YIT and ownership by Lindström Investment. The office is size 3500 m2.

Half of the office was repair construction and half was new construction due to the new extension of the building (Kasvu). The biggest challenge of the project was to unite five subsidiary companies with the parent company under the same roof for the first time. The companies had very different demographics and image profiles, but after many workshops and consulting we developed a fresh and fun activity based office concept which serves the needs of everyone.

This mixture of old and new was also reflected in the decor as half of the furniture was re-used and half was bought new. 

Photography by Kuvio Oy




The Nordic's leading alcohol company, Altia, got their very own building for their new headquarters in Ruoholahti, Helsinki (Kaapeliaukio 1). The building includes a bar with training facilities and external branded conference rooms on the 1st floor while the office and internal meeting rooms are situated on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The design concept is fun yet sophisticated and aims to display Altia's products and their stories.

Photography by Kuvio Oy

Other projects at JLL Finland

2016 -


Shopping malls

- Rewell Center, Vaasa, 2018

- HYY Kaivokatu, Helsinki, 2018

- Kamppi, Helsinki, 2017

- Sokos, Jyväskylä, 2016

- Viisari, Vantaa, 2016


- ECHA, Helsinki, 2020

- Keilaranta 4, Espoo, 2019

- Pipliaseura, Helsinki, 2018

- Revontulentie 7, Espoo, 2016

Care facilities

- Myrttikadun palvelukoti, Lahti, 2015

- Porvoon palvelukoti, Porvoo, 2015


- HSYL Metro, Helsinki, 2017

Sonera Stadium - VIP Lounge #214



Lounge no. 214, located at the Sonera Stadium (Helsinki, Finland) which is the home field for football team HJK, was in need of an updated decor as well as an expansion. Demolishing the wall between two adjacent lounges resulted into a spacious 45 m² room used for entertaining, working, holding meetings and watching football games. All fiberglass wallpapers were levelled and painted, also the flooring was replaced with a white stained laminate to accomplish a contemporary, practical and harmonious entity. European high-end furniture finish off the grey, white and blue interior.

Photography by Nicolas Ristoja.

Hartwall Arena - VIP Lounge #261



​This 35 m² private VIP-lounge at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland was a cramped and disfunctional mayhem from the 90's before new owners, a young Russian couple, took initiative to fix and update the space. After examining different color schemes and materials together, the final inspiration was found from colors familiar to Finland as well as St. Petersburg, white and blue with accents of black. The clients' priorities in this space were easy flow and lots of storage. Compacting and moving the kitchen near the entrance enabled a huge U-shaped sofa for meetings and socializing in the main area. Building a large custom cupboard system extending from the vestibule to the main area, allowed dishes, coats, shoes and even the fridge to be neatly hidden away resulting into  a modern, clean-lined and functional lounge.

Photography by Nicolas Ristoja.

Vepsäläinen - Boutique Design



The lifestyle department at the main branch of Vepsäläinen, a high-end design furniture retail company,  was redesigned to promote a new campaign (Tuohi MasterCard 60 months). The goal was to create  four completely different interiors with certain budgets to help clients visualize what they could accomplish with different amounts.

1) Grey dining room (5000 €)

- industrial, minimal, modern 

2) Beige living room (15,000 €)

- warm, cozy, inviting

3) Red dining room (10,000 €)

- luxurious, feminine, elegant

4) Purple living room (5000 €)

- vibrant, graphic, youthful

Hartwall Areena - VIP lounge #123



Professional Finnish ice hockey player Antti-Jussi Niemi and sports doctor Jammu Õunap, both from Jokerit (Finnish Championship League), are owners of this 31.9  m²  VIP- lounge, which is located at the famous Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, Finland. The space is rented out during concerts, shows, matches and other events hosted by the arena. The inspiration for an elegant and serene atmosphere requested by the clients was their cherished hobby, surfing. The use of earthy tones, modern furniture as well as practical materials and soft shapes result into a calm and timeless environment.

Photography by Nicolas Ristoja.

Hartwall Areena - VIP lounge #126



VIP lounge (no. 126) was designed for professional Finnish ice hockey goalkeeper, Miikka Kiprusoff from the Calgary Flames, NHL. The space is 33.1 m² and is located in Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, which is the largest multifunctional indoor arena in Finland. The lounge is used privately as well as rented out for meetings, lounging and enjoying a variety of events held at the arena. The client's wishes were to showcase his hockey shirts and goalie masks in a 'Hall of Fame' style, which led to choosing vibrant colors, accent lighting and high-end furniture to create an intimate, modern and energetic atmosphere.

Photography by Nicolas Ristoja.

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