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"Astrolabe" - Senior Project



As my senior project I chose to renovated the old Dubai Cruise Terminal in Port Rashid, Dubai, UAE and call the project “Astrolabe”. The function, capacity and design were not matching up with the booming cruise industry in Dubai so there was a need to create an iconic building that would attend to the urgent needs of the staff and tourists but also represent the essence of Dubai as a portal to the outside world. The challenge was to keep the original terminal which is ship-shaped and to transform it into something modern, inviting and less literal. A concept of bringing the outdoors in, is reflected in the materials and atmosphere created by majestic curtain wall paneling and a central water feature. The goal: resurrect the old terminal!

Fendi Renovation​



This project was made for a 'Commercial Design' course in which an existing store had to be re-designed. The concept of this Fendi boutique was inspired by ancient Rome but still keeping the décor modern and not too literal. The requirement was to open up the store in the renovation allowed for a play with perspective in this long and narrow space. The diminishing Roman arches emphasize an illusion of an even bigger store. In addition to the arches, the Roman columns plunging out of the ceiling and floor act as the main elements. They are lit from the bases to give a piercing modern effect and also act as display units for merchandise.

​W Hotel - Replication

This project was made for the ‘Introduction to 3Ds Max’ course. The assignment was to replicate an existing hotel room, then create 3D renderings and a walk through animation of this space. I chose the “Fabulous Room” at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta, USA. No blocks were used, all items are detailed from scratch. These 3D renderings were also chosen to be showcased at the Dubai INDEX Exhibition 2011 representing talent in the Interior Design department of the American University in Dubai.

Universally Designed Residence



This building is an original design made in a group of three for a course in ‘Universal Design’.  The client of the residential house was a family of four where the mother is in a wheel chair, the father is hearing-impaired and they have two boys, 5 and 7 years of age. The project was inspired by a large spiraling ramp circulating around the entire glass dome house. Autodesk Revit, Auto CAD, Photoshop were all used in the making of the “Spiral Residence”. In addition, this project was displayed at the Pavilion Art Gallery in downtown Burj Dubai in the ‘Best Final Project’ competition during the winter of 2011.

Sow House - Replication



For a course in ‘Advanced Building Information Modeling’ the task was to recreate a villa. My choice was a modern three-storey residence called ‘Sow House’ designed by SAOTA. It is located near Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The materials and color schemes used do not correspond to the original house since they were allowed to be changed.

Free Hand Drawing



Miscellaneous freehand drawings of interiors, architecture and furniture.

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