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'Kotikonttorissa' Jätkäsaari

Co-working space inspired by the surrounding ocean and ships

”Kotikonttori” meaning home office in the Finnish language is a concept where empty retail spaces on the street level of apartment buildings were turned into co-working spaces for anyone looking for an ergonomic and peaceful place to study or work. There are five different locations around Helsinki, Finland (Kallio, Arabia, Herttoniemi, Jätkäsaari and Katajanokka) and they all have distinctive decors that accentuate their environment and its history.
The maritime interior of Kotikonttori Jätkäsaari was inspired by the surrounding ocean and old dockyards. Oak floor, brass details and rustic cognac leather give a warm contrast to the cool shades of oceanic blues.

Photography by Sampsa Pärnänen







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