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Biofilic design brings nature and wellbeing into this fun loving IT office

Analyse2 found the perfect 900 m2 space for their new office in the up-and-coming area of Leppävaara, Finland in OOPS – a BREEAM Excellent certified business park built in 2021 by NCC. Analyse2 provides advanced retail analytics for shopper-centric brands and retailers. The key factors in this office design are wellness, communality and cozyness.

Inspired by the client’s ’let your hair down’ wishes, neutral and soft materials were the natural choice in creating a relaxed and homey feel. Oak finishes, emerald colored tiles, plants, moss and green shades where used around the office to bring a sense of nature indoors which the Finns famously endear.

The heart of the office is the spacious lounge and kitchen area. Thanks to the adjustable lighting and modifiable furniture the space can be transformed to serve a variety of formal and informal events. In the daytime the space can be used for eating lunch, co-working and watching presentations. During evenings videogames can be played and cocktail parties can be held. The custom made seating furniture can be turned into a stage or a stand for the audience to enjoy the company band’s performances.

With effective cooperation between the contractor, client and designer, this office space was completed on schedule and on budget with minimal demolition waste produced.

Photography by Sampsa Pärnänen







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