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Espoon Viherpihan Aarre

Residential concepts inspired by nature, ecological living and well-being

In the fall of 2023 new homes by NREP will be completed in Espoo, Finland. I had the pleasure of designing three different concepts and their material palettes for Asunto Oy Espoon Viherpihan Aarre. The client's wish was to create timeless, high-quality and bolder housing while taking into account environmentally friendly living. The building is also applying for a LEED GOLD environmental certificate.⁠ The concepts are: ⁠

Minimalist Japandi:

"If you love airiness, natural materials and simplicity this is the style for you. Japandi is a harmonious hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian functionality around which easy living is elevated to the next level."

Earthy Forest:

"Dark and neutral colors create a serene, mystical and understatedly elegant environment. Natural materials exude dignity and timelessness."

Joyful Hygge:

"Hygge, this lifestyle inspired by the Danish life wisdom is suitable for a home that exudes joy, fun and warmth, where even the smallest moments of everyday life are treasured. Gentle pastel colors combined with bolder colors create an energetic and fresh space."

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Renderings by Unrealer Oy

Photography by Profit Interior







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