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Nordic Morning

Bringing five companies together into one cheery flex office

The new headquarters of Nordic Morning, a Scandinavian communications and publishing company, was opened in Kalasatama's Rantatie Business Park in Helsinki (Hermannin rantatie 8). Architectural design was done by SARC, contracting by YIT and ownership by Lindström Investment.
Half of the office was repair construction and half was new construction due to the new extension of the building (Kasvu). The biggest challenge of the project was to unite five subsidiary companies with the parent company under the same roof for the first time. The companies had very different demographics and image profiles, but after many workshops and consulting we developed a fresh and fun activity based office concept which serves the needs of everyone. This mixture of old and new was also reflected in the decor as half of the furniture was re-used and half was bought new.

Photography by Kuvio Oy







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